Wentrow Media companies include:


Own a share in a racehorse

Owners Group makes it possible to own a share in a racehorse with a top trainer for a low one-off cost, with no further commitment.

Britain's leading racing club

Since 1992, Elite Racing Club has been bringing groups of people together to share the thrill of following a string of horses. Over 390 wins, including eight Group 1 wins.

Find your ideal registration

Elite Registrations has been trading non-stop since 1972 and has sold over 100,000 vehicle registration numbers.

Quality racehorse ownership

Over a period of twenty years, Axom has given horse racing enthusiasts the chance to experience racehorse ownership through syndication with small groups of like-minded individuals.

A chance to share in a large jackpot win

Big Divi provides an enjoyable syndicate service which targets some of the most valuable jackpot prizes available.

Discover more about collectables

Collecticus is perfect for enthusiasts and people who are collecting for investment.